Writing a cross examination mock trial scripts

The script is loosely based on the case of Regina v.

Mock Trial Scripts

There are currently seven Advanced Mock Trials. A cross-examination can never be rehearsed. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. Make Sure Your Witness is Prepared A witness needs to know his or her mock trial witness statement inside and out.

Advanced Non-Scripted Trials Our criminal Advanced Mock Trials are based on actual cases that deal with challenging and socially-relevant issues. In the script, it is alleged that Jamie Clarke wedged a stick between the accelerator and the front seat of a stolen vehicle and sent it careening through an intersection, where it crashed into a motorcycle carrying the two victims.

The trial process is, of course, a serious event. Prepare to Respond to Objections The best way to prepare to respond to objections is to rehearse your mock trial and have a classmate make objections during your direct examination.

In the script, Nicole Girard is charged with the second degree murder of her live-in boyfriend. There are two types of objections that you will face during your mock trial direct examination.

The case has roles for a judge, court clerk, crown and defence counsel as well as eight witnesses. This will help them on cross-examination too. Mark is being writing a cross examination mock trial scripts with aggravated assault. The cross-exam will take a natural course. Coordinate with the Attorney that is Doing the Closing Argument It is important that you discuss your direct examination with your classmate that is doing the closing argument.

Howard This mock trial explores a topical and controversial issue — alleged assault by a teacher on a student. Irving This script is loosely based on the case of Louis Bayard, who was charged with murder arising out of an incident in Vancouver in You need to elicit or establish certain facts that he or she wants to use during their closing argument.

Baljinder and Mark Criminal Trial: Clarke This script is based on an actual case of Regina v. Also, see our post on tips for witnesses.

Besides encouraging students to focus on the difficult and controversial legal issues arising from this case, the script encourages thoughtful discussion on personal lifestyle choices and their effects. The case was decided in the Supreme Court of Canada in May The best way to prepare for a cross-examination is to write down a list of questions.

Mitchell This fascinating and controversial case is based upon the trial of Wesley Evans, who was charged with two murders. The reason is that the lawyer is seeing how much the jurors are absorbing, and how they are reacting.

A Guide to the Basics is available to assist you in developing your own mock trials. One of the hardest parts of the cross-examination is getting the tone right. The case has roles for a judge, court clerk, crown and defence counsel as well as seven witnesses.

The cross-exam that a lawyer does for a criminal defendant or a police officer is obviously much different than a cross-exam of a child or a neutral witness with no ax to grind.

See herehere and here. Typically, approaching the witness is only allowed when you are asking him or her to look at an exhibit. The topic, acquaintance rape, is both important and timely. You never know how the adverse witness is going to answer a question. Today, mock trial competitors have lots of examples online for direct examination.

Here are a few suggestions to help your mock trial direct examination go smoothly. The questions should be listed in an abbreviated, outline form.

A year-old man is accused of causing the death of two people. Fingerprint and blood analysis evidence is presented in this case.

I usually draw a little box next to each question, and I check the boxes as I go.

Lay the Foundation for Your Questions If you have an expert witness, you will need to establish his or her qualifications before they can render an opinion. Practice rephrasing your questions in a less leading manner. Some persons believe that Evans, a confessed double murderer, was acquitted by the Supreme Court of Canada because of technicalities in the Charter of Rights.CROSS EXAMINATION by M.

Donna Ross Mock Trial Law of the Positive Spin For every vision there is an equal and folder for each witness and write one word working on a book on Mock Trial.) sive to a question, then: a. Let him babble on, then b.

Complete the answer for him. To write direct examination questions for a mock trial, draft witness-specific questions, focus on non-leading wording and keep the questions short.

During the trial, listen to the answer provided by the witness and ask follow-up questions based on the testimony. - HINTS FOR PREPARING FOR THE MOCK TRIAL COMPETITION TABLE OF CONTENTS followed by re-direct and re-cross examination. The same procedure is used for the defense’s second and third witnesses.

The specific mechanics of direct and cross examination are mock trial, the problem will specifically identify all experts. Mock Trial Scripts. There are a number of mock trials available for your use during the mock trial program.

They are either civil or criminal.

How Do You Write Direct Examination Questions for a Mock Trial?

Students will be given the basic facts and then will develop their own questions for direct and cross examination. MOCK TRIAL SCRIPT Bailiff: Please rise. The Court of the Second Judicial Circuit, Criminal Division, is now in session, the CROSS-EXAMINATION QUESTIONS for PROSECUTION WITNESS #1.

Preparing for that Big Mock Trial Cross-Examination, The best way to prepare for a cross-examination is to write down a list of questions. The questions should be listed in an abbreviated, outline form. This is a good example of how to cross examine a witness. Mock trial judges often seem to allow a lot less witness badgering in my.

Writing a cross examination mock trial scripts
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