To synthesise mdma

I later found other syntheses on the internet for all the steps between legal chemicals and MDMA that worked quite well. It can also be synthesized by doing a large hypohalite Hofmann degradation on acetamide with bleach and lye.

The ketone is unstable. Another way is to put 20mL of water in a cup then add 5g of the NaOH to it. This is when its nice to have To synthesise mdma Big Sep Funnel.

After you flood the reaction contents shake the container to mix the solution, give it about 10 minutes to settle - two layers will form.

Too much may leave them more drained than necessary. There are other synthetic routes, such as the use of substituted 3,4-methylenedioxycinnamic acid or the construction of alkyenedioxy bridges from dihydroxy compounds. This works very well for our target molecule, and any molecule that contains an amino group.

A lot of the brown oil should go into the acid solution. It may be a little wet, but if you let it crystallize hot spontaneously in the flask with heat it should be fairly dry.

Stir the crystals to promote even heating. At room temp, it will rearrange in about a week - depending on where you live - if you keep it in the freezer - it can last months - FREEZER!

Now shake the bottle and let it sit for 15 minutes.


The folks from the DEA know this. If water is present, then you can expect to get crapola. You can get it on the web. Set up for vacuum distillation. A bowl with a flat bottom rests on the Hotplate. Distill it yourself, or get it at the grocery store. But you should dispose of it properly. Be sure to get a good collection of jars that are easy to pour from.

Stir or shake it up. Start your vacuum distillation by first turning on your vacuum - if you remembered your boiling stones, then it will begin to boil immediately.

Turn up the heat. It is filled with Peanut Oil. If you turn on the pump and it leaks, turn off the pump, re-seal, and restart. From a hobby shop that sells fuel for the RC models. Get a gallon or two. Others will feel emotionally drained, and have a depressed mood for up to a week after the experience.

It will become a very viscous liquid. NaHCO3 -- Sodium bicarbonate baking soda: So be quick and have the ingredients ready for the procedure. Test with pH paper every 5 drops or so - keep adding the Muriatic Acid until the pH of the solution is - or just barely acidic.

Compare this level of success to traditional anti-depressants which have strong side effects and are dosed every day for years at a time for a total of hundreds or thousands of doses and which have very low rates of effectiveness, often just slightly above placebo.

You may be trying to work through problems together or heal old wounds. I got a pound and had plenty for a lot of trials.The people making MDMA and selling it on darknetmarkets have a consistent method of getting precursor, and there's no way in hell they're going to make that method public.

Not only would it increase their competition significantly, but. Complete MDMA synthese. Disclaimer: This book is only to be used for informational purposes, and all the info herein is gathered on the internet.

Non of the herein shown pictures is taken by the producer of this book and thus the producer can not be held responsible for this syntheses seen on the pictures.

MDMA can sometimes make people warmer than they realize.

Synthesis of MDMA

You may also notice a change in your perception of lights, slight visual halos or glows. You may also feel an urge to clench your jaw (some people say that taking a calcium-magnesium supplement ahead of time reduces this urge). Pure MDMA·HCl is odorless, so using your nose is a better way to gauge purity.

The bioassay was extremely successful (I tested perhaps mg of acetone-washed product on a human subject weighing about pounds).

How to take MDMA (Molly/Ecstasy) Learn how to take MDMA (aka Molly/Ecstasy) more safely, should you choose to use it. New to or MDMA? So you’ve woken up in the middle of the night, your mind entranced by a singular glorious thought: “Could I just make my own MDMA (molly, ecstasy)??”.

To synthesise mdma
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