Thesis on value stream mapping

Mass production era is over and new accounting systems are needed for modern manufacturing strategy, such as lean manufacturing. Value stream costing is based on value stream and eliminate need for overhead allocation and calculation.

Also presented is a case study showing Thesis on value stream mapping root cause and financial analysis relating to the capabilities of the aseptic filling process. Value stream mapping represent very efficient tool for visualization of activities within production flow focused on activity duration with the purpose to eliminate non-value added activities.

Besides shortening of lead time, cost reduction is also imperative for every company, so monitoring and control of manufacturing cost over the time can be driving force for improvement.

This thesis describes the formulation of short-term and mid-term operational excellence strategies through the use of value stream mapping. Under a Creative Commons license Abstract Value stream optimization is very important for lean manufacturing efforts.

Leaders for Global Operations Program. On the other hand, cost-time profile is also powerful tool for visualization of cost accumulation during the time across entire production flow.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Date Issued: It is shown that many interconnected issues form a backdrop for seemingly independent "symptomatic issues" or issues that can be seen readily on the surface because of their significant financial or organizational impacts.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Standard traditional accounting system, suitable for mass production, is focused on real cost of product calculation, how to allocate indirect manufacturing costs, excluding time dimension.

The value stream mapping analysis led to recommendations of working on fundamental organizational, communication, and cultural issues to create a strong foundation for improvement projects on more visible projects. Traditional accounting system is oriented to the product, but value stream costing analyze processes.

This paper introduces the framework for value stream optimization by combining value stream costing and cost-time profile. Department of Mechanical Engineering.

One example of a surface issue is that of scheduling where the problem can be readily seen with blockages, starvation, and long cycle times, but must be solved with organizational and other fundamental improvements for improvements to be sustainable.

Previous article in issue. Stan Gershwin and Don Rosenfield. Lean accounting has been developed to support lean companies and avoid problems with traditional accounting system. These underlying issues indicate organizational improvement projects are necessary in the short term to create an environment conducive to sustaining results stemming from projects addressing the surface issues.studies on value stream mapping and the application of value stream mapping in construction industry.

The practice of mapping out my thesis writing process will. Value stream mapping in product development Adapting value stream mapping at Ascom Wireless Solutions Master’s Thesis within the Product Development programme.

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a commonly assessed method employed for the analysis of manufacturing processes.

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The principal asset of the method is its ability to identify wastes. Adopting lean manufacturing and lean management rules it is possible to eliminate such wastes. In the paper. Application of Value Stream Mapping in Product Development Master of Science Thesis in the Quality and Operations Management Programme Seyed Mohammadali Motavallian.

Value stream mapping is a lean manufacturing tool to plan a production process involving lean initiatives through systematic data capture and analysis.

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It is a proven process for planning the. ii Master Thesis in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management Title: Value Stream Mapping for Waste Reduction in Playing System Com.

Thesis on value stream mapping
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