The man with the scar by somerset maugham

They laid her on the ground and with dismay on their faces stood round watching her. The general stared at him for a while in silence.

Reading Club Pre-Intermediate: The Man with the Scar by S. Maugham

Small and weak as a boy, Maugham had been proud even then of his stamina, and as an adult he kept churning out the books, proud that he could. Invent two possible story lines sentences.

The Man with the Scar and Other Stories

When the day broke and the soldiers came into the cell to fetch them for execution he had lost more matches than a man could use in a life-time. They captured him together with his staff, and tried him by court-martial.

She was in black, with a veil over her hair, and her face was dead white. I saw how they bore pain. I saw what hope looked like, fear and relief He was far from clean.

I give him a few pesos now and then. Maugham lived in Switzerland as a writer. It was unexpected on that round, fat and good-humored face. The officer said that the general commanding the troops wished to attend the execution and they awaited his arrival.

His review gave the book a lift, and it has never been out of print since. They were led into the patio of the gaol and placed against a wall, the five of them side by side, with the firing party facing them. She was hardly more than a girl, a slim creature, with little regular features and enormous eyes.

Having been beaten in the war the General seems to remain beaten in life. The rebel knew where he was striking and it was impossible to stop the blood. How do you feel by the end? Popular success, —39[ edit ] ByMaugham was famous, with 10 plays produced and 10 novels published.

The Man with the Scar by S. How does this change our idea of the man with the scar? The blood spurted from the cut vein and dyed his shirt.

List of works by W. Somerset Maugham

I once had the book in my hands, a handsome volume bound in calf, but I never read it and I have not been able to get hold of a copy since. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.In The Man with the Scar by W.

Somerset Maugham we have the theme of perception, curiosity, love, connection, loss, identity and struggle. Taken from his. The Man With The Scar by William Somerset Maugham It was on account of the scar that I first noticed him, for it ran, broad and red, in a great crescent from his temple to his chin.

It must have been due to a formidable wound and I wondered whether this had been caused by a sabre or by a fragment of shell. Reading Club Pre-Intermediate.

"The Man with the Scar" by S. Maugham - by LINGVISTOV. The short story, exercises to memorise words, speaking exercises. The Man with the Scar by Somerset Maugham Answer the following questions in brief: 1. What was the appearance of the man with the scar?

The man with the scar had a round and good humoured face with undistinguished features. He had a broad and red scar on his face from temple to chin in crescent shape. He was. William Somerset Maugham was born in Paris in He spoke French even before he spoke a word of English, a fact to which some critics attribute the purity of his style.

His parents died early and, after an unhappy boyhood, which he recorded poignantly in Of Human Bondage, Maugham became a 4/5. Sep 06,  · Dear Third Year Students, Below, you will find your first reading for class: Somerset Maugham's short story "The Man with the Scar." Please take this week to read the short story, as we will be discussing it in class.

And, since good readers always ask questions while they read, we've given you a few questions.

The man with the scar by somerset maugham
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