Significant developments of ancient civilizations

Over the decades the crossbow was improved upon. Others point to the Crusades as the first step in globalization. This mass had to be hammered to consolidate the iron and drive out the rock-like slag.

Ancient history

Stirrups were attached to aid in pulling back the string. Another innovation involved a magazine of arrows mounted over the crossbow which dropped a new arrow in place for firing as the crossbowman pulled a lever to pull back the bow-string. The early compasses that were borrowed in the West also pointed to the south and only later were modified to point to the north.

Genetic evidence from plants and descriptions and art from societies inhabiting South America at the time suggest small numbers of West Africans sailed to the east coast of South America and remained there 2.

Trade routes expanded by land and sea and allowed for flow of goods between distant regions even in the absence of communication. The crossbow had not only the advantage of sending an arrow with enough force to Significant developments of ancient civilizations body armor but its arrows, being short, could not be shot back by archery bowmen.

It is possible but more difficult to accumulate horticultural production, and so civilizations based on horticultural gardening have been very rare. Rudders for navigating ships: I can only fly by this vast plane of achievements. Highly stratified structures, or chiefdomswith several inherited social classes: This device enabled the bowman to hook the bow-string over the prong and use his legs to push against the bow.

In a village, the potter makes a pot for the brewer and the brewer compensates the potter by giving him a certain amount of beer. Advances in Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda between 1, and 2, years ago surpassed those of Europeans then and were astonishing to Europeans when they learned of them.

Great achievements in science and technology in ancient Africa By Sydella Blatch Despite suffering through the horrific system of slavery, sharecropping and the Jim Crow era, early African-Americans made countless contributions to science and technology 1. No one beforehand would have given much thought or attention to such a seemingly unimportant device as the Chinese bellows, but it turned out to be a crucial technological development.

Many of their discoveries were so advanced that some modern scholars credit their discoveries instead to space aliens or unknown European travelers, even though the Dogon culture is steeped in ceremonial tradition centered on several space events.

Secondary elements include a developed transportation system, writing, standardized measurement, currency, contractual and tort -based legal systems, art, architecture, mathematics, scientific understanding, metallurgypolitical structures and organized religion.Unfortunately, few of us are aware of these accomplishments, as the history of Africa, beyond ancient Egypt, is seldom publicized.

Sadly, the vast majority of discussions on the origins of science include only the Greeks, Romans and other whites. Ancient history as a term refers to the aggregate of past events religion, diversity of labor and writing.

Among the city states Ur was among the most significant.


In the 24th century BC, the Akkadian Empire Mesoamerican ancient civilizations included the Olmecs and Mayans. the teacher understands significant historical events and developments in ancient world civilizations, factors influencing the development of ancient world civilizations, and major characteristics and contributions of ancient world civilizations.

skill analyze the influence of various factors. Summary: Ancient civilizations that made significant contributions to today's modern society.

the wheel, the alphabet, and government. CIVILIZATIONS Ancient China and Ancient Rome: each with their own unique set of features and developments. characteristics, and contributions and influence of ancient civilizations.

Competency (World History from A. D.

Great achievements in science and technology in ancient Africa

to A. D.): The teacher understands significant historical events, developments and traditional points of reference in world history from A. D. to A. D. Developments such as writing, agriculture, military, and transportation vehicles have come from these civilizations, but perhaps the two most significant developments of these ancient societies are metallurgy and organized religion.

The development of bronze was significant because it allowed for stronger weapons and tools, which made it.

Significant developments of ancient civilizations
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