Rigging standards

The lift lines and hand operating lines Rigging standards one and the same. Rigging standards one will be allowed to start a course by arriving sick with the flu of any kind.

Pulleys should be examined to ensure proper lubrication; smooth rotation and freedom from abnormal cable wear patterns which can provide an indication of other problems in the cable system. Rigstar is about Training in all aspects to make the Complete Rigger. As more weight is added to the batten in the form of curtains, scenerylighting equipmentand rigging hardwarethe system is rebalanced by adding more counterweights to the arbor.

Counterweight rigging evolved from hemp rigging and generally handles scenery in a more controlled fashion.

The diameter of the wire determines the total diameter of the cable. Before checking the position or angle of the main components, the aircraft must be jacked and leveled.

It soon gained popularity in England, as it was inexpensive and provided a great deal of flexibility for moving scenery. When the arbor is raised via the operating line, the lift lines slacken, which causes the batten to lower under its own weight and the weight of its load, if any.

Most lighting fixtures, for example, utilize a C-clamp to rigidly secure the light onto the batten, in conjunction with a safety Rigging standards that is looped around the batten to prevent the light from falling should the C-clamp connection fail.

All of the control surfaces require specific hardware, spacers, and bearings be installed to ensure the surface does not jam or become damaged during movement. Schedule 80 pipe is also used. In other words, a line intended to support pounds should have a safe working load of at least pounds.

Each person attending will be added to our computer database for our records, stating which course they have completed and a rating test at the end of the course if they wish to take. A spirit level and a straight edge are rested across the pegs or blocks to check the level of the aircraft.

Rope locks are mounted in series to the locking rail. When provided, they are single-pipe or truss battens for the support of tab draperies, which are used to mask the stage wings. Maintenance Manual A maintenance manual is developed by the manufacturer of the applicable product and provides the recommended and acceptable procedures to be followed when maintaining or repairing that product.

Counterweights[ edit ] Counterweights are heavy objects that are used to balance the lineset loads in a fly system. Shell cloud line sets flown out Orchestra enclosure line set It is not uncommon for the ceiling panels, clouds, of an orchestra shell to be flown.

Each belaying pin serves as an anchor to which the loose end of a rope may be quickly secured. The bulletin recommended a maximum lifting weight of 50 lbs.

Rope locks are cam-actuated devices through which a counterweight system operating line passes. Structural Alignment The position or angle of the main structural components is related to a longitudinal datum line parallel to the aircraft center line and a lateral datum line parallel to a line joining the wing tips.

Figure 15 shows the parts of a push rod. Cable inspection technique Cable System Installation Cable Guides Pulleys are used to guide cables and also to change the direction of cable movement.

The adjustable cam, or dog, inside the rope lock constricts and releases the operating line as the flyman lowers and raises a hand lever.

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It is standard practice for overhead rigging lines and hardware to be rated with at least an 8-times safety factor to help ensure the protection of cast and crew.

That origin is most obvious with hemp rigging, which uses closely related technology and terminology. The checknut, when tightened, prevents the Rigging standards end or clevis from loosening. Line set functions include: Ailerons are attached to the wings, elevators are attached to the horizontal stabilizer, and the rudder is attached to the vertical stabilizer.

These connectors enable a cable length to be quickly connected or disconnected from a system. Belaying pins are used to belay, temporarily tie off, the rope lines of a hemp system. Tension Regulators Cable tension regulators are used in some flight control systems because there is considerable difference in temperature expansion of the aluminum aircraft structure and the steel control cables.

The spring-back is the small extra push that is needed for the flight deck control to hit its mechanical stop. By trimming the lift lines, loads are more evenly distributed to them.

OSHA Standards for Lifting

They are much less expensive and easier to install than counterweight fly systems, though somewhat more difficult to operate. If a proper test fixture is not available, the load test should be contracted out and performed by a properly equipped facility. Aside from the pain and suffering of the employee and their families, injured workers are a serious liability to the company.

They suspend light ladders pipe frames to which lighting fixtures may be attached. The sandbags are usually filled to weigh the same as the loads, making the two weights Rigging standards weight of the batten and the weight of the bag equal.NESSCAMPBELL.

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Most of our employees also make lifelong careers with us, advancing their skills with regular training. Big Red Rigging provides safe, time-optional, full service machine moving, rigging, heavy lift, plant decommissioning, dismantlement and relocation. A fly system, or theatrical rigging system, is a system of rope lines, blocks (), counterweights and related devices within a theater that enables a stage crew to fly (hoist) quickly, quietly and safely components such as curtains, lights, scenery, stage effects and, sometimes, ultimedescente.coms are typically designed to fly components between clear view of the audience and out of view, into the.

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D&R has worked hard to establish our reputation of being a dependable, qualified, crane rental, heavy hauling, and rigging company. Handbook of Rigging: For Construction and Industrial Operations [Joseph A.

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Rigging standards
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