Print media vs electronic media pros and cons

Rather, he can read a newspaper or magazine ad, thumb through a brochure or make notes on a direct mail piece on his terms and because he wants to spend time doing so.

Another added advantage for electronic media is that we all see the news and happenings in TV so many times during the day that it neutralizes the interest to read the same news in the newspapers again the next day. Print Media We may say that electronic media is trying to dominate over the print media these days, but we cannot close our eyes to print media.

Print media enjoys high recall. Print Media Printing is a process for reproducing text and images, typically with ink on paper using a printing press. The sensory experience of touching the ad while looking at a compelling message improves the impact as well, according to Association Media and Publishing.

Basically said, words printed with ink on paper that is attached in different ways provide different kinds of information, education and entertainment. Can be very effective for spreading awareness at the national and international level The standard of television news is deteriorating much faster than that of print media.

Ad design services are usually free. Both of the media have their own set of unique features that make them distinct from one another.

Newspapers, as well as magazines, are financed through advertising and circulation which makes the ad more effective. Print Media has educated and informed masses for a long time and is searching for a large audience, but it mainly refers to educated readers and those who are not used to handle electronic media.

Most new media are in the form of digital media. There are also concerns that texting, for example, is dangerous not only in the non-standard language we use but in the extreme distractions that can be deadly simply from texting in the wrong places at the wrong times.

There are a large number of news channels available on television these days broadcasting different information and programs. It could become controversial or mainstream even if it is not an extreme situation that needs attention in the media.

The print media always is accurate information in detail. There are so many devices that promote easily accessibility: The best part of Electronics media is that it gives life picture and the scenes of the places of incidents and that too without much delay.

It can reach a global audience. First, there is concern about relying on posting a few pictures instead of developing face-to-face friendships and conversations. Print media in every form has its own importance and prominence which cannot be replaced by anyone else.Electronic media vs.

print media Print media typically includes newspapers, articles, journals etc. on the other hand, electronic media could be internet, television etc.

The pros and cons of using electronic media. The value of using electronic media in these current times is controversial for several reasons. First, there is concern about relying on posting a few pictures instead of developing.

Pros and Cons of Electronic Media

What Is the Advantage & Disadvantage of Print vs. Electronic Media?

Print Media Vs Electronic Media

by Neil Kokemuller - Updated September 26, Despite the huge influx of electronic media advertising as ofprint still has a place in a company's promotional strategy. Feb 25,  · Electronic Media is any media that uses some form of electronics to access the content.

It differs from print media because there are more sources or formats of content: videos, television, mobile phones, radio, or online. Advantages and Disadvantages of Print Media. Thus, we can see, there are certain pros and cons of print media.

With proper planning, you can opt for the right form to gain maximum coverage and make the best of this medium! Print Media vs Electronic Media. Uploaded by. rafiushi. Print Media PPT. Uploaded by. iipmmedia. Intra and 1/5(1).

Media research also has long suggested that print media benefits from “double dipping” or the “pass-along effect” – the propensity of readers to pass along a media .

Print media vs electronic media pros and cons
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