Miskels farm

It also conclusively demonstrated that the lack of security and ability to surprise does not always overcome a solid unity of command. Taggert, 2nd Pennsylvania Calvary of the numbers and direction the Rangers were headed. University of North Carolina, References[ edit ] Ashdown, Paul and Edward Caudill.

Rangers also held their own leader in high acclaim. The farm had belonged to George Miskel abt. The Rangers killed 9, including Flint and another officer, wounded 15, including three officers and captured About May 30, Mosby encountered the First Vermont again.

Except, a lone Ranger soldier named Dick Moran had spent the night at a friends house down the road. Bean command of a small man reserve force while he maintained command of the vanguard.

Mosby had at least two revolvers for each of his rangers, with most having three with the additional one hidden in their boots or addles. At the farm, located on the eastern bank of the Broad Run near its confluence with the Potomac Rivera few miles north of the Leesburg Pike present day Route 7the Rangers felt safe from Federal patrols.

Skirmish at Miskel Farm

He co-founded the Loudoun Historical Society and served as Vice President, wrote articles about the Civil War for local newspapers, regimental histories of two Confederate units, and co-authored a history of Waterford, which was completed and published after his death.

Instead Bean lead the retreat.

Taking this into consideration, once Captain Flint and his men were located on the inside they did not take into account the tenacity and voraciousness of Mosby and his men. Taggart of the 2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry. Upon arriving in Dranesville, they found the garrison abandoned, having been pulled back east of Difficult Run in the face of mounting pressure from the partisan warfare being waged by Mosby.

Thus, a local woman, hoping, perhaps to spare herself such a calamity or maybe just an outright Union sympathizer, made her way to the Federal lines at Union Churcharriving around midnight. Flint and five companies of the 1st Vermont Cavalry to kill or capture the Rangers.

The Yankees are coming!

Among the first to make it through the gate was Bean, who, after Flint fell, was supposed to be in command. Captain Flint split his men into two separate squadrons when they reached the Leesburg-Alexandria Turnpike.

After traveling over 28 miles in the snow Mosby decided to stop and bed down his men for the night around 10 p. They were hungry and tired and did not post a security or watch element while they slept.

The Rangers rushed to their mounts, and Mosby burst from the main house as the Federals charged into the barnyard. Mosby also believed in straying from the usual military tactics and normally used unusual but effective military initiative of bulldozing with strong offensive maneuvers; Miskels farm Flint believed in the structure and coordination of military tactics involving surrounding and enclosing upon the enemy.

Men ran everywhere trying to prepare for the battle. He had just captured and destroyed a train on the Virginia and Alexandra Railroad with theaid of a howitzer when he realized that Federals were quickly approaching.The First Vermont Cavalry participated in 75 major Civil War engagements from through As the state’s only mounted regiment, riding Vermont–bred Morgan horses, the Cavalry unit battled some of the most notable Confederate cavalry commanders, mostly in Virginia.

This history explores in detail the battles and leaders of the unit, 5/5(1). Inscription: Battle of Miskel Farm - March 31, Captain John Singleton Mosby and 69 of his Confederate ranger troop were surprised at dawn while.

The Skirmish at Miskel Farm, also known as the Fight at Miskel Farm or Gunfight at Miskel Farm, was a skirmish during the American Civil War. It took place April 1,near Broad Run in Loudoun County, Virginia, between Mosby's Rangers and the 2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry [citation needed] as part of Mosby's operations in Northern ultimedescente.comon: Loudoun County, Virginia, 39°04′N 77°26′W / °N °W.

The Battle at Miskel’s Farm Abstract The Battle at Miskel’s Farm placed the Confederate scout forces of John Singleton Mosbys’ Partisan Rangers against the Union forces of Major Charles F. Tagert on 31 Marchon a small farm in Loudon County, Virginia in a battle that would display the.

A Guide to the Miskel's Farm,n.d.

Miskel’s Farm

A Collection in the Thomas Balch Library This collection consists of 5 pages of typed notes describing the Battle of Miskel's Farm, including casualties, and also contains information about the First Vermont Cavalry.

The notes are from the files of John Divine (23 May Nov ), an amateur. Miskel Farm did not look like the present residential property during the Civil War. Still privately owned, it is marked by a historic marker and a plaque on a gatepost.

Miskels farm
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