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Foot Reflexology Business Plan

Find other LMT or other personal service provider to sublet space in new location. The challenge here is maintain a professional relationship, while encouraging the warmth and personal connection that is as much a part of their experience as the actual massage. A local networking group of alternative care providers is a great way to get referrals, as marketing reflexology business plan as placing posters on other practitioners offices, and ads in the local alternative newspaper.

Obtain a business license.

Marketing a Reflexology Business

For this reason, a discount coupon or donation to a charity auction can be an effective way to troll the waters for new clients. It is also quite probable that other clients who work during the day would be more likely to book a day-time massage when we are more conveniently located to their place of work.

However, they are a very loyal group, and will readily give word-of-mouth recommendations, especially if they see massage as having given them a specific boost to their performance. Your premises Wherever you choose to practice make sure it is always clean, tidy and smelling lovely, burning aromatherapy oils will enhance the smell and energy levels of the whole area.

This statistics goes to show a remarkable growth in demand over the last 5 years. Aside from the fact that we will start our business in San Diego, we intend to have a very strong presence in the whole of California.

See References section below. The one exception is when billing insurance companies, where there is no penalty for charging the full Reasonable and Customary Rates marketing reflexology business plan the area.

The bulk of her clients come to her home office, and her advertising has been primarily word of mouth for a number of years. Recommendations from other clients and alternative health service providers is also critical. If you keep tabs with the industry, you will realize that the industry is indeed growing which is why massage franchises are now selling faster than before.

Kate Stephenson and family. Market Analysis Summary The planned move to a downtown location will facilitate access by clients recovering from injuries.

This is exactly what the physical and massage therapy business is all about. And lastly but possibly most importantly the best kept secret of all is… Everyone responds positively to warm, soft, fluffy towels.

23 Catchy Foot Reflexology Business Names

The third group are Alternative Care users. This group will cross over from the Injury group, and become long-term clients after the specific initial injury has healed. Besides the obvious differences in the style of massage each of these prefer, they also represent separate groups for marketing and retention purposes.

Always offer an exceptionally high level of customer service. Reflexologists apply pressure to the hands and feet to relieve muscle tension and stress in their patients.

The problem with this group is that they can tend to have relatively small disposable incomes, so that a massage once every two months may be all they can afford. We have put structure in place that will enable us accept insurance payments as well as private-party payments from our clients. Billing insurance companies for medically required massage is lucrative, but the nature of the therapy — usually 15 to 30 minute sessions, focused on a specific body area, with a short-term duration — makes it imperative that the clients can get in to see the therapist over their lunch hour or during their work day.

This is because of the high volume of information that keeps circulating daily on the media about the need to be healthy and fit always. Since the variable cost of each massage is nominal, the best bet has seemed to be to charge less than the market will bear.

How to Start a Reflexology Business

Apply for a bank or credit union loan tailored for small business. Contact your family and friends for money if you do not already have the savings to start your business. Make sure you always have your appointment book open at the end of the treatment to jot in the next appointment.

While car insurance will typically pay for massage for only a limited time period less than one yearmany health insurance policies now have Alternative Care coverage with a renewable annual maximum.

We will work hard to help people soothe their muscle soreness, improve their sleep, boost their immune system function, increasing their mental alertness, ease the effects of cancer treatment, aid headache sufferers, alleviate depression, and ultimately reduce or eliminate their stress level.

Watkins has been a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Oregon since July,and has run the business from a home-based location since then. Market Segmentation Clients who come for massage fall into four basic groups: Additional massage services are offered by graduates of specialty schools; Rolfers, Breath Managers, Hakomi Therapists, as well as Physical Therapists.Physical Therapy Massage Sample Business Plan.

traditional Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue work, Sports Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology, and others. they also represent separate groups for marketing and retention purposes. A Practical Guide to Setting Up Your Reflexology Business; If you plan to operate your business on your own, you should register as a Sole Trader (for more info on business structures, go here).

Marketing Your Business. How will you market your reflexology business? How will potential patients find out more about you? Marketing a Reflexology Business It's becoming more and more difficult for reflexology businesses to rise above the clamor of the marketplace.

Innovative marketing strategies may be your best bet for out-promoting -- and outperforming -- the competition. BUSINESS PLAN Robina Newman ITEC July 1 MISSION STATEMENT 2. MARKET RESEARCH 3. COMPETITOR ANALYSIS 4.

A Sample Physical / Massage Therapy Business Plan Template

PREMISES/LOCATION My fulltime hourly design business charges way exceed my reflexology hourly charges so I do not feeel MARKETING.

Free Foot Reflexology Foot Reflexology Sample Business Plan for Foot Reflexology - Business Plan # Hidden secrets of running a reflexology business. Posted on 27 June by teresa.

My top 7 Reflexology books; Principles of Marketing for FREE; Recommended books for Anatomy and Physiology and Reflexology! Running an open day to attract new clients!

Physical Therapy Massage Sample Business Plan

Hand Reflexology.

Marketing reflexology business plan
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