Letter to the carthaginian senate

What official position was created in Rome during times of crisis? Carthage had elected legislators, trade unions and town meetings. By the end of the 7th century BC, Carthage was becoming one of the leading commercial centres of the West Mediterranean region, a position it retained until overthrown by the Roman Republic.

Sicily by this time had become an obsession for Carthage. The power of this city waned following numerous sieges and its eventual destruction by Alexander the Great, and the role as leader passed to Sidon, and eventually to Carthage. Carthage also focused on bringing the existing Phoenician colonies along the African coast into the hegemony, but exact details are lacking.

The Phoenician language was very close to ancient Hebrew, to such a degree that the is often used as an aid in the translation of Phoenician inscriptions.

Beginning[ edit ] Sarcophagus of a priest, Letter to the carthaginian senate a bearded man with his hand raised; 4th century BC Carthaginian funerary art now located in the LouvreParis Carthage was one of a number of Phoenician settlements in the western Mediterranean that were created to facilitate trade from the cities of SidonTyre and others from Phoeniciawhich was situated in the coast of what is now Lebanon.

Tarshish trafficked with you because of your great wealth of every kind; silver, iron, tin, and lead they exchanged for your wares. Carthaginian holdings west of the Halycas river remained secure.

This contrasts with the Roman Republicwhich in the course of her wars created an alliance system in Italy that expanded her lands and also expanded her citizen body and military manpower by adding allies with varying degrees of political rights.

The next clash against Carthage took place during BC. Initially these kings may have enjoyed near absolute power, which was curtailed as Carthage moved towards a more democratic government.

Ancient Carthage

In BC he invaded the last Carthaginian holdings on Sicily, breaking the terms of the current peace treaty, [57] and laid siege to Akragas. The stalemate in Sicily was broken when Dionysius defeated and killed Mago at the battle of Cabala in BC Mago was the last "suffet" to lead troops personally in battle.

Pyrrhus marched the main army across the Greek peninsula and engaged in battles with the Thessalians and the Athenian army. What were the 2 things about Hannibal that concerned the Carthaginian Senate?

What mountains run down the center of Italy?

His soldiers massacred the Carthaginian traders in Syracuse, and Dionysius then besieged, captured and destroyed the Carthaginian city of Motya in Western Sicily while foiling the relief effort of Himilco through a brilliant stratagem.

Mago, in an attempt to aid the Sicels under attack from Syracuse, was defeated by Dionysius.

History of Carthage

Carthaginian citizens were exempt from taxation and were primarily involved in commerce as traders or industrial workers. The entire area later came under the leadership and protection of Carthage, which in turn dispatched its own colonists to found new cities or to reinforce those that declined with Tyre and Sidon.The Senate took a number of measures in order to free up its hands for the coming conflict with the Carthaginian.

Words were exchanged in the Carthaginian Senate to the effect that Hannibal should be handed over to the Romans and his actions disavowed.

WORKSHEET for the Punic Wars At each number, write down (briefly) the options you have to choose from, and circle the letter of the one you chose. Speech to the Carthaginian Senate Now as you all know, I come to you with a heavy heart.

Our great country is coming from a massive defeat at the hands of the Romans and I. The Carthaginian senate agreed to send help. By BC, Carthage had conquered much of modern-day Tunisia, strengthened and founded new colonies in Northwest Africa, and had sponsored Mago Barca 's journey across the Sahara Desert, Although, in that year, the Iberian colonies seceded – cutting off Carthage's major supply of silver and copper.

Carthaginian Republic The Carthaginian State was an informal hegemony of Phoenician city-states throughout North Africa and modern Spain which lasted until BC. It was more or less under the control of the city-state of Carthage after the fall of Tyre to Babylonian forces.

The Carthaginian senate refused to comply and so began the Second Punic War ( BCE). Hannibal was caught in southern Italy in a cat & mouse game with the Roman army.

Hannibal, a sworn enemy of Rome, received intelligence that Roman armies were moving against him and, in a bold gamble, marched his forces over the Alps and into northern Italy.

Letter to the carthaginian senate
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