I want a wife judy brady essay analysis

Brady speaks to housewives, that they should take a good look and a new perspective on the expected responsibility our partners secretly covet.

Judy Brady tries to express her personal understanding about a hidden feeling of anger and betrayal. The essay is geared to encourage women, wives, exes, and girlfriends to question where they stand.

In paragraph 2 of the essay, Brady speaks of her friend, who ultimately presented the topic. It is based on how she sees the role of a man in her life.

What I know is: In the essay, she dwells on the tasks that women do have and speaks less on the burden on men. I want a wife who will keep my house clean. As there are many who are living in two-income homes, husband and wife must work together to help each other prosper, especially with the house chores.

Although it is in good humor that she makes these remarks, I find them offensive and demeaning, and just plain rude. And, when it comes to finances, it should be both supporting each other.

Brady sarcastically comments on the chauvinistic point of view of men and how they perceive a perfect partner should be. I think he did not want a wife; he wanted a personal slave. The picture created is the female gender is supposed to be offering a helping hand to the male gender in a more disadvantaged situation.

Being a housewife herself, she exaggerates the position of an extremely self-centered personality, of what a stereotypical male ego thinks a perfect wife should be.

She is right on the money and her voice is refreshing in that it is, in a funny way, shining light on this ideal. However, I believed her main aim was to target those who bear feminist views. For instance, she speaks of the duties of the wife being to raise the children well, to ensure that the house is clean, monitoring the movements and locations of everyone and ensuring that everyone is whenever he or she is supposed to be at the correct time and doing the right thing.

As I continue my thoughts of disbelief and ridiculousness, I start to realize how true it all is. Her entire essay holds perfectly the tone and reaction that this chauvinistic idea deserves, and that is one of satire.

Personally, this sickens me. The one-sided topics of this essay are blown out of proportion, but some days they seem realistic. This creates a perception that the wife should not be burdened with a lot of duties simply because she is a wife.

Judy Brady; I Want a Wife

My opinion about marriage is simple:Judy Brady's "I Want a Wife" Analysis Essay - In this essay Judy Brady dives into the seemingly undesirable disposition of being a wife in a society that didn't allow women to do much of anything when compared to the liberty women have in society today.

Judy Brady does not mention knowing an essay by Anna Garlin Spencer from much earlier in the 20th century, and may not have known it, but this echo from the so-called first wave of feminism shows that the ideas in "I Want a.

I Want a Wife

I want a wife who will keep my clothes clean, ironed, mended, replaced when need be, and who will see to it that my personal things are kept in their proper place so that I can find what I need the minute I need it.

I want a wife who cooks the meals, a wife who is a good cook. Author: Judy Brady (Syfers) Literature for Composition, (Third. Judy Brady is the author of the essay ‘I want a Wife’. Women have undergone a lot of gender discrimination and stereotyping, a position that Brandy strongly exposes.

She depicts this aspect using a lot of honesty and humor, rejecting the fact that there is an equal treatment to women as it is to men. Judy Brady's essay "I Want A Wife" first appeared in the Ms. Magazine's inaugural issue in The genre of the article is a classic piece of feminist humor and is depicted as satirical prose.

In this essay Brady aims to convince her readers to look objectively at a man's viewpoints and expectations of what he thinks a wife is and what she. JUDY BRADY I Want a Wife () Judy Brady’s essay became an instant classic when it appeared in in the premier issue of the feminist magazine Ms.

As you read, analyze the definitions of “husband” and “ wife ” that Brady uses, and consider why this essay became so powerful in the s.

I want a wife judy brady essay analysis
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