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How might your experience and what you learned affect your choices or opportunities in the future. I started my I-Search process by writing a business letter to a company Students may, for example, go on field trips, listen to guest speakers, view videos, or engage in computer simulations.

I looked under diabetes and there was too much information so I looked under diabetes and technology and I found a lot of good information. I feel much better when the vet prescribes medicines that will make Lilly Mary Margaret better.

How has technology affected veterinary care? This section, written in "I" form, is I search research paper one to two pages in length. During drafting, students can use the source numbers as basic citation before incorporating more sophisticated, conventional citation.

Students prepare papers that become the foundation for an oral report, skit, poster, experiment, or some other display of knowledge. For a unit on the human body, another team of teachers introduced students to a wide range of topics by taking them to a nearby science center.

Briefly describe what you knew about your topic before you started your research. When we asked them what advice they would give novices embarking on an I-Search process, one boy replied, You better find a question you really care about because you will be working with that question for six weeks.

Use findings statements to orient the reader and develop your ideas with direct quotations, paraphrases, and summaries of information from your sources. Use the I-Search Chart to help students begin to see the relationships among their inquiry questions. Write the actual paper. Describe the findings of your research.

That is why I chose special effects for my I-Search topic. Reflect on the process. This will be written using "I" statements and should be approximately a half page to one page in length. She will explain in detail where she looked for sources, what she found, what worked, what did not work, and how she organized the information.

Because of their careful planning, teachers will be better able to help students connect seemingly isolated ideas and larger themes. In others, a more limited focus such as research on potential careers e.

My search question is: So the teachers developed a series of authentic activities using spreadsheets. The Search Results Describe the significance of your research experience Restate your thesis Discuss your results and give support. In the technology unit, for example, one student framed her question this way: Describe the research process.

I-Search Paper Format Guide

As they find content that relates to one of their questions, they can write the corresponding letter in the margin. At Lawrence, it might be a socially relevant topic that naturally links science, social studies, language arts, and mathematics for example, the human body, the environment, or the impact of technology on society.

How do the rapid changes in technology affect individuals and society? In this report I will show you what I have learned. For example, computer simulations of the circulatory system are used in Phase 1 of the unit on the human body, making the activities particularly interesting to students.

About the Author This article was written by a professional writer, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. Let readers know what you wanted to learn and why. For the technology unit, several guest speakers visited the school, made presentations, and were interviewed by the students.

You may wish to use the I-Search Process Reflection Chart to help students think through their reflections at various stages of the process.

Tell what you knew. Break the paper into four parts.The I-Search: Guiding Students Toward Relevant Research Judith Zorfass and Harriet Copel Motivating 7th graders in their first self-directed research project can be rewarding all around—with planning, coaching, and a framework that harnesses kids' own interests.

An I-Search paper is a personal research paper about a topic that is important to the writer. An I-Search paper is usually less formal than a traditional research paper; it tells the story of the writer's personal search for information, as well as what the writer learned about the topic.

By positioning the questions at the center of the page, and questions relating to students' interests in the topic and the research process itself, students begin to see the ways in which the I-Search paper brings all three of these components together.

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Having your students write an I-Search paper is a great way to teach about the writing process, research methods and using the many different tools and resources in the library. THE “I-SEARCH” PAPER PAPER 4 ASSIGNMENT: This paper is designed to teach the writer and the reader something valuable about a chosen topic and about the nature of searching and discovery.

As opposed to the standard research paper where a writer usually assumes a detached and. Research; Byzantine and Islamic Civilizations ; Library Catalog; Math; Online Tech Resources.

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I search research paper
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