Hre 4m1 isp notes

Mapping the Ethical Experience - Human Nature Students explore ways in which the western world has historically approached the issue of ethics. Includes a survey of some important western philosophical perspectives.

Includes a review of Catholic history. Searching for the Good: Drawing upon Scripture, Church teaching, sociology, psychology and spirituality, the course provides opportunities for students to consider the ethical dimensions of a variety of issues.

Appropriate language and participation are expected form you every day. Course Notes This course has two main purposes.

HRE4M Grade 12 Religions Exam Notes

Gifted with Freedom - Social Justice Students explore the notion of freedom as it pertains to human identity and moral development. Special Topics Students conduct a study of aspects of Christian living. Discovering the Good life - Healthy Relationships This short unit includes an exploration of what it means to live in relationship to God and to others.

Individual, social, psychological and political understandings of freedom and justice will be explored in a Catholic context. Guided by the Light of Revelation - Morality and Virtues This unit will review the scriptural and Church understandings that underpin our ethical stances.

It seeks to distinguish between the goodness of humanity and the potential for right and wrong in human action. Students select from a list of topics from the areas of Social Justice, Ecological Justice, Marriage, Politics, and Family Life in order to apply the teachings from the first part of the course into presentations which form part of their culminating task.

Fifteen percent of the grade will be based on a final exam. It will allow interested students to go on to advanced studies or pursue a vocation in the various ministries of the Catholic Church. Fifteen percent of the grade will be based on the Final Cumulative Task.

Through an investigation of the philosophical underpinnings of Western culture, and the scriptural and theological teachings of the Catholic Church, students are called to grow in their ability to identify personal, societal and global ethics.

Attendance This is crucial for success. The sacraments of marriage and of holy orders will be studied, as will as the related issues of dating, friendship, parenting, and vocation.

Consideration of Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations This course enables students to name, for themselves, a vision of what a Catholic graduate should demonstrate within the culture. Assessing Student Achievement Student performance will be assessed according to the four categories established by the Ministry of Education.

This course explores Catholic ethics. Seventy percent of the grade will be based on evaluations conducted throughout the course, including the service project.HRE - INTO LEADERSHIP DEV free class notes at Louisiana State (LSU). Confidentiality Statement I acknowledge and agree that the contents of IHR1 are confidential and the property of Interstate Hotels & Resorts, Inc.

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Home‎ > ‎HRE 4M1‎ > ‎ Class Notes. Selection File type icon File name Description Size Revision Time User. RELIGION 12 OLC ENG 3E/4E Science OLC ENG 3E/4E Science HRE 4M- Ms Geddes. Course Description and Overall Expectations: This course explores Catholic ethics.

It seeks to distinguish between the goodness of humanity and the potential for right and wrong in human action. Select a partner for missed notes and assignments and/or check the. Discover the best resource for Bishop Allen Academy homework help: Bishop Allen Academy study guides, notes, practice tests, and more.

Hre 4m1 isp notes
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