How to write a press release for music artist

Ending your press release The end of the press release should be the call to action. The easiest way to do this part is to get someone else to write it for you, or you can rewrite a section from your bio.

Keep it, clear, organized and concise. This book also explains how to create press kits, a media contact list, and much more. No one cares how incredible your drum tones are or that you recorded your album through a Neve console.

Contact Information Include all contact details separately right at the end. You are welcome to post any press releases of your own here as examples for our readers.

Benefits of press releases In an era where most up-and-coming independent hip-hop artists are just spamming links and flooding Twitter with their music, with no real promotion plan or marketing strategywriting and distributing a press release can be the one tool that helps you stand out.

Get the ball rolling for your next event with a press release. Keep it short and tell them what to do, or where to go. I think its something you will not regret. When writing any article, the reporter has to draw in their readers right away, and grab their attention.

A short paragraph about you the artiststating where you are from, where you went to school, and listing a few of your more prominent exhibitions or achievements. To learn how to write a press release for music, read on.

For example, if you are writing a press release to bring publicity to an upcoming tour, you will want to include the start dates of the tour, some of the main cities visited, any tour mates, and any major sponsors or bands.

The first paragraph must be interesting and informative.

How to Create a Press Release for your Art Exhibition

Step 2 — Contact Information Contact Info should include your first and last name or the first and last name of a specific person a phone number and an email address.

Let them know your artist website and email. Your personal use of press releases will depend in large part on your media contacts, the types of content you typically produce, and your level of recognition within your community.

Create the press release in MS Word or similar software and include your photo in a optimal placement in your PR document. If your music simply is not at a the level where PR will help, a publicist should tell you this.

Cheaper than ads — Distributing a strong press release that gets picked up by multiple outlets and publications can be way more effective and cheaper than buying ads. But why should people care? Follow him on Twitter: His lack of press was not because he sucked. Building Media Relationships First off, you need to understand where your press releases should be going.

Be sure to visit his online press kit at http: It should look like this: Take pains to make your press release educational rather than promotional.

Unfortunately, most musicians and people in the music industry do not know how to write a press release for music. Of course, like anything else, you need to be smart about when and where you use a press release. Image via Shutterstock As part of my job as a music journalist, I sift through anywhere from 50 to way-too-many press releases daily, separating the wheat from the chaff and trying to find something that fits into the holy trifecta of interesting, relevant, and newsworthy.

Make sure to provide your email and phone number to accommodate these requests. This portion of your press release should essentially be an artist statement for the show, and should be clear, concise, and informative.

Keep your press release simple, straightforward, and visually appealing. One use of press releases that people commonly overlook, however, is music. You want this part to be readable and engaging. With the advent of social media, and the ease of sharing things online, it is easy to forget about some of the promotional methods of the past.

Have you written a press release in the past? Your first paragraph absolutely has to include the important stuff such as dates, locations, prices and everything else you can think of.In the music business, the press release (or news release) is a common tool used to bring an artist or business "free" publicity.

Basically, a press release is a simple, neat-looking sheet that provides news to reporters, editors, and other media people. A well-written press release is the first step in getting some attention for your new album.

Use the template at the bottom to help you organize your information. Note that this template was written with bands and indie labels in mind.

Prominent Music Publicist: F*&k Press Releases

But a publicist’s job is so much more than just sending out press releases. Actually, Hunter straight up said to the packed room of musicians, managers, songwriters, producers and industry execs.

The ONLY reason to write a press release is for a very specific event (like a show, a benefit or a special occasion) OR for a very niche market (a “genre” of music is not a niche but a charity benefit or a tech related news.

Sure, it may sound like a tall order, but once you get the hang of it, writing press releases will become a breeze.

Let's begin. If a press release lands in an inbox with no contact info, no one's going to reply. And, while we're at it, always, always, always double-check that you BCC your press blast list. 3.

How to write a press release for music artist
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