Giving blood process essay

Adds to the blood quantity — Blood is not only required in case of accidents or injuries but sometimes a patient may need plasma or platelets as well. Blood can be stored for a limited period of time that is why the blood banks need a steady and constant collection.

The blood collected is used in many ways. Most importantly, we should never remain indifferent to others needs. Our blood banks are running short of required blood.

Short Essay on Importance of Blood Donation

Even a pregnant mother may need blood in case of emergency situation. Exercise is the fabulous way to stay fit, boost up mental capabilities, maintain health and lose excess body weight. The process is entirely bona fide in most countries assuming that donors are willing to help others.

Receive proper diagnosis — Before you are ready to donate blood, the hospital professionals will make the necessary diagnosis of the iron content, cholesterol, hemoglobin etc. In this case, if sufficient amount of blood is available in the blood bank, the patient can be treated without any problem.

Refreshes your system — After you donate the blood, the cell count decreases due to which new cells regenerate. So by giving your blood, you can certainly give life to people.

Importance of Blood Donation

The information is a basic overview and consent form of the process, as well as a questionnaire about your health background confirming that you are healthy for blood donation, and that your blood may be used for donation.

Blood donation is our human duty. How to donate blood? Listed Results 1 — It is given by donors. The blood is immediately labeled and refrigerated. You save lives of people — There are many people who are in urgent need of blood and by donating your blood you can easily give them a new life.

Blood has four groups namely, A. For heart surgery, 6 units of blood are used, and for bone marrow transplants twenty units of blood are used. Blood donation is a simple, four-step process: Donating blood is a safe process while sterile needles and bags are applied to collect blood and therefore the infection spread to the The Process of Donating Blood Essay — Words Donating Blood Imagine that your father had just suffered a heart attack, and has to go through open-heart surgery in order to repair the damage that happened to his heart.

It is another important thing. While the essay you may be asked to write may include information on blood collection or blood drives local to where you live, there is lots of information about giving blood which is true for all blood donation agencies and blood drives.There is one way you can help, that is by donating blood Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper.

How to Cite this Page. The donation process, from the time you arrive until the. Process Essay Every hospital needs large supplies of blood for transfusions.

Giving Blood

It is given by donors. Before giving blood, the donor is given tests to determine his blood type and make sure he is not suffering from certain diseases, such as. Essay on Blood Donation To inform my audience how the process of blood donation is simple but life changing for someone else.

This attitude of selfless giving supplies the 43, pints of donated blood used each day. Essay about The Process of Organ and Blood Donation Words | 9 Pages.

People should donate organs and blood because one organ can save up to eight lives. That same donor can save or improve up to fifty people’s lives. (Unknown) More thanpeople are waiting for transplants each year, and that is just in the U.S. alone. The process of giving blood is quite simple.

You can visit any of your nearest hospitals and donate your blood there. Your sample will be taken in a bottle and stored in the blood bank for further use.

Importance of Blood Donation.

Essay on blood donation

Blood donation is one of the most significant contribution that a person can make towards the society. It is not harmful for an adult person to donate blood. The body of the donor can regenerate the blood within few days.

It poses no threat to the metabolism of the body. The World Blood Donor Day is .

Giving blood process essay
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