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Pat Gen 480 acuscan executive summary an idea for the Optimize that came to her one evening in a dream. The resources and time required to develop the new product as presented are inadequate. The Vice President of Product Development has attempted to involve all departments for a meeting to work out details, but has been unsuccessful.

He feels that the competitor, Secur-A Corp. In able to compete with other competitors, expenses must be reduced drastically and instantaneously. Chris thinks the August first deadline is aggressive but realistic. At the same time Cliff mentions the new endeavor should be ready to launch by year-end and boost revenues in the future.

Following financial review there is little evidence to demonstrate that bringing Optimize to market by year-end will substantially benefit AcuScan. She only hears data that will support her assumptions and arguments. Furthermore, unnecessary assumptions were made by most or all departments that were involved.

Executive Summary Product Development and Marketing is an area that is constantly growing and changing to meet the new demands and challenges of a forever-evolving work force.

In addition, Pat oversimplified the product concept based on discussions and e-mails she had with the chief engineer. Over the past few months, unprofessional accusations, innuendos, and communications have been exchanged between department supervisors in regards to Optimize.

In the meantime, sales should focus on marketing its existing iScanners to government offices and contractors, banks and other organizations to improve its revenue forecast.

She does not have the people skills to communicate with others and likes to jump to conclusions instead of listing to all the facts before making a decision.

To accomplish this; the company must increase its emphasis on product development and communication as a whole team not as an individual entity. In addition, there was no discussion or plan if Optimize did not make there deadline and instead made distribution to the market of spring Since she does not have a technical background this does not give her the ability to add requirements to the specifications without discussing it first with the engineers that do have this skill.

He is secure enough to know what it will take to get Optimize designed, developed, tested, and marketed, but has difficulty getting his message to the other staff members for the reason that Chris gets emotional and makes personal attacks.

Fallacious Arguments Pat and Kelly are both resourceful and argumentative. Personal attacks or innuendos serve no purpose and have no place in emails or in a work setting.

Kelly feels the budget and timeline to be impractical and thinks Optimize is putting the company on the line. There are many factors and data that were not considered in the development of the Optimize project.

Pat Lambert, The marketing director is new to AcuScan. A company needs departments to work together as a single team even though this means individuals have different backgrounds and skills this is what makes a company unique and succeed in the market with a common purpose.

How ever in this situation the central problem was that the marketing director, Pat Lambert took upon herself to develop a new product called Optimize. If Cliff expects Optimize to be successful, the project must be given the correct resources to do so.

AcuScan needs to be within three percent of the competition on image items, three to five percent on all other products and guarantees the customer lowest sale prices every time. One could come across that AcuScan as many issues and problems with communication and developing their ideas to each other.

Specifically, AcuScan is seeking to provide better value through more attractive products assortments in both price and quality. While bringing both pros and cons along with it, technology has spearheaded into the forefront of Product Development and Marketing. On the other hand Kelly makes sound, but emotional arguments Arguments from Pat are both unsound and emotional.

Technological advancements have improved the ways we communicate, revolutionized how we learn, and expanded our capabilities. Case Study Conclusion At sometime every individual experiences workplace rejections and adversity at some point during their career.

Given that Pat initially developed the idea she failed in communicating it with the other departments that she lacked skills in and did not organize appropriate meetings to develop the product. The diminutive revenue recognized for being first company on the market is not worth the loss to competitors that produce a better product and follow behind AcuScan.

To bring a new product to market that is only insignificant and may not generate industry excitement as projected.

Also, there is no indication that finance manager was involved in budgeting for the project.PART TWO: Executive Summary - AcuScan Case Study AcuScan is a University of Phoenix case study for GEN class. In this case study, the students act as an independent consultant hired to audit AcuScan to identify the flaws within the company and report the findings to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) (University of Phoenix, ).

GEN Critical thinking case; GEN Critical thinking case Essay Sample GEN Critical thinking case Essay Sample. The second part is an executive summary written for Cliff O’Conner, CEO at AcuScan, Inc.

GEN 480: Critical thinking case Essay Sample

including recommendations for a solution for the company’s crisis. Assumptions. The second part is an executive summary written for Cliff O'Conner, CEO at AcuScan, Inc.

including recommendations for a solution for the company's crisis. Assumptions5/5(33). Executive Summary 1 AcuScan Executive Summary Patricia Alexander GEN October 23, Robert Hiltbrand This preview has intentionally blurred sections.

Running head: ACUSCAN EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 AcuScan Executive Summary Joseph Williams GEN/ February 27, Natarcia R. Bloomfield This preview has intentionally blurred sections. Acuscan Executive Summary 4 Words | 5 Pages EXECUTIVE SUMMARY TO: Cliff O’Connor, CEO AcuScan, Inc.

FROM: TOM GRECO SUBJECT: ACUSCAN OPTIMIZATION PROJECT DATE: 5/5/ CC: GEN STUDENTS Purpose and Scope of Document The purpose of this executive summary is to provide an overview of the status of the AcuScan Optimization Project.

Gen 480 acuscan executive summary
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