Facebook marketing case studies 2012

Have you run a Facebook campaign. Facebook marketing tactics that work There are a range of tactics that can be useful for achieving marketing goals but proven tactics that work are: Value optimization maximizes purchase value and encourages the best return on ad spend by bidding more on people who are likely to spend more.

To find out the best way to reach these customers, the ecommerce company ran 2 campaigns—one optimized for value and another identical one optimized for conversions—and compared the results. From that point, very little editing of the ads was required. The team used data gathered from the Facebook pixel on the Sivana website to build a Custom Audience of people who had completed a purchase 3 times or more in the last days.

Get out there and experiment!

7 Facebook Marketing Case Studies

They have specialized Fanpages for various sports like basketball, football, running, tennis, etc. Focused targeting of an audience that showed definite affinity to Cajun food and culture also helped ensure we would receive the greatest results at the lowest possible price.

So how do you launch a Facebook marketing campaign and make it successful? They have Nike Women. They achieved two goals: So how does your brand bridge the divide between a business that wants to boost its bottom line and an audience that wants to have fun?

5 Successful Facebook Marketing Campaigns – Case Studies

Even if your situation is different, your budget not even worth mentioning and your existing fanbase a fraction of the brands in question — you can still learn from these amazing Facebook marketing case studies! This article was originally published by Web Marketing Today. The ads needed to feature its products and logo prominently, along with photos of enticing-looking food, when possible.

6 Amazing Facebook Marketing Case Studies

Because it lets them target their audience much better. Facebook makes it easy to create your campaign. Inwe merged the two sites, leaving Practical Ecommerce as the successor. Sprout Social If you are not going to spend thousands of dollars on advertising that gets even harder — and the more important, it is to understand how it all works.

Mums with kids at home. Not their products — or not only their products. Did it work for you? To summarize, here are a few takeaways from the case study: This strategy resulted in identifying a clearly-defined audience that provided an estimated daily reach ofpeople.

This can be seen with the wildly successful Old Spice campaign that saw millions of YouTube views, Twitter tweets and Facebook likes. With an astonishing 2. I also reveal the tactics I used to grow my Twitter followers to over ,Success Stories Case studies like these inspire and motivate us.

See how businesses like yours are growing with Facebook marketing. Get inspired by Facebook marketing tools to help your company grow. Discover how Sivana successfully grew their business using Facebook ads.

5 outstanding Facebook marketing case studies

Search on Facebook for Business Resources Support. Start advertising on Facebook or visit more case studies. Create an Ad. Facebook advertising is nearly essential to the success of any small business's social media marketing efforts.

Success Stories

This case study, from. 5 outstanding Facebook marketing case studies September 28, 10 of the best free social media monitoring tools February 21, 11 really useful social media statistics for December 21, The top social media trends of – an infographic December 5, These case studies look at the goals, approaches, and results for several Facebook campaigns.

HubSpot The all-in-one marketing software platform wanted to promote its brand in a 3-month campaign as a thought leader in the B2B field on Facebook to. Facebook Marketing Case Study #1. Offering something for free is a proven marketing tactic.

The Book Binding Workshop offered a free page hardcover book to anyone that bought $ 0f book binding supplies.

They achieved two goals: An increase in fans from 50 to in just a month.

Facebook marketing case studies 2012
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