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The guardians are to be placed in a position in which they are absolute rulers. Aristotle, unlike Plato, is not concerned Essay mills review perfecting society. It is necessary to look at several areas of each theory to seek the difference in each.

This is why its maintenance is so important. Aristotle relied on the deductive approach, while Aristotle is an example of an inductive approach Hacker If we had a certain set of rules where Essay mills review had to follow them we would have no problems, assuming all Essay mills review principles were agreed upon.

Look in particular at the level of happiness experienced by people in each of their situations. One of the things that makes utilitarianism credible is the fact that many of the things that people would consider in situations are universally believed to be either bad or good.

In life, we should look to attain the greatest overall quality of life, which is done through obtaining happiness within ourselves. However, at the same time it is important to consider the pleasure of others as they, theoretically, would be doing the same for us.

They each had ideas of how to improve existing societies during their individual lifetimes. For example, things that are widely assumed to be "bad" are rape, murder, lying, and theft, and things that are "good" are generosity, healing, truthfulness, and loyalty.

Many people favor moderation because it is part-liberal and part-conservative. Mill also states, "moral feelings are not innate, but acquired. As seen from this, utilitarianism does a pretty good job at indicating to us what the "right answers" are.

Also, this tells us something that makes us happy is better than something that does not. It seems like the beliefs of those who had the most impact on us as we grew up are the ones imbedded in us.

The main focus of Plato is a perfect society.

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Another thing argued to be universally similar between these subjects, at least the negative ones, is the ones that are worst cause the most suffering.

Taking the term literally, maximum utility results when the following process is undertaken: He quotes "It is a further objection that he deprives his Guardians even of happiness, maintaining that happiness of the whole state which should be the object of legislation," ultimately he is saying that Guardians sacrifice their happiness for power and control.

He just wants to improve on the existing one. He creates a blueprint for a utopian society, in his book The Republic, out of his disdain for the tension of political life Hacker, Plato chose to tell the reader of his Republic how men would act and what their attitudes would be in a perfect society Hacker This blueprint was a sketch of a society in which the problems he thought were present in his society would be eased Hacker Aristotle looks upon this ruling class system as an ill-conceived political structure Hacker Aristotle disagrees with the idea of one class holding discontinuing political power Hacker All that can be done is to try to improve on the existing one.

They are supposed to be the select few who know what is best for society Hacker Both Plato and Aristotle agree that justice exists in an objective sense: The one that leads to the most amount of total happiness is the "right" one. The Guardians consist of non ruling Guardians and ruling Guardians.

These are topics that are highly uncontroversial when considering their worth to others. Finally the Workers, are composed of farmers and artisans, most commonly unskilled laborers Hacker John Stuart Mill's Essay On Liberty - John Stuart Mill's Essay On Liberty The main theme of on liberty was the individual.

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Everything else, society, education,government and so forth had their basis in the individuals rights to his own liberty. A fact is that college life can be a testing time for you. You would be required to spend more time on studies.

Your social life would be reduced and you would be expected to.

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