Essay about advantages and disadvantages of city life

The roads of the city are proper metalled for moving the vehicles. Here, also a service of the library for the students. You may join me on Facebook Related Post. The advantages of the life of a city are far greater than the rural areas, which is more encouraged.

Greenwood, Mississippi is also known as the heart of the Mississippi Delta. In this essay, I will explore the pros and cons of living in a large city and try to draw some conclusions. All relations are means to means and to no final ends.

We encounter people of different states and with foreigners. The advantages of urban life are many. Sanitation and cleanliness are most important factor to improve the health of individuals, but it will not be possible for that person, who are unnecessary doing the insanitation in a city.

Joint family has disappeared. The city is the most glamorous place, which attracts to the people from the rural areas. A large number of people is developing their skill by working in the large industrial areas. January 9, By Vijay Urban life refers to the life of the people living in towns and cities.

Disadvantages and Advantages of City Life Essay Sample

In the bigness of the city we lose the common human touch. It supplies the clean water service, which is necessary for the existence in the city. It is branded as the centre of corruption, vice and misery.

Divorce, desertion and separation are increasing. Abandoned buildings become new, clean family houses, retail complexes, and shiny skyscrapers. Some people of the city may not be aware of the contamination.

There are good school and colleges for education. Cahokia was the largest city in the United States and the greatest One of the main positives of a big town is the large amount of shops available in every corner of the city. We develop a love for humanity.

Cleanliness and sanitation There are the much cleanliness and sanitation in the city life. Instances of social deviance are more in the city. Advantages or Merits of City: There are various disadvantages of urban life. In London, for example, there are so many things to do in the evenings like going to the cinema, to the pub or to the park during the summer period.

This service also provides the cleanliness on the roads.

Urban Life: Advantages and Disadvantages of Urban Life

The urban family is in doldrums. The city of Philadelphia will be a great-looking and sustainable place for upper-class However, what are the benefits of this situation, and what are the drawbacks?

Social mobility becomes easier. It is the main reason to spread diseases by the mosquitoes. Major Service agencies are centralised in the city to satisfy various interests of the people such as work, education, recreation and politics.

Someday unused vacant lots will be a huge shopping mall or fancy restaurant. The multifarious associations of the city cater to the multiple needs, interests and tastes of the people.

Enlighten people around the world about this mostly unknown vanished city in America. Superficial forms of politeness and manners are commonly found. Too many people live and we do not feel easy. City life has advantages and disadvantages.

For the advantages, city life is more comfortable and civilization. City has a lot of big buildings, schools, hospitals, super markets and other places which are beautiful, modern and necessary for good life condition.

Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of the City are as follows: Advantages or Merits of City: (1) The city offers opportunities and facilities for making full use of one’s abilities and talents. ADVERTISEMENTS: (2) It can make life joyful and comfortable.

Disadvantages: There are various disadvantages of urban life. The towns are overcrowded. Many of the streets are dirty and unpleasant due to noise, smoke and dust. The density of population is quite high in urban areas. Too many people live and we do not feel easy.

The rattling sound of buses, motor cars and other vehicles always disturb us. The advantages and disadvantages of city life Thesis Advantages-A city no doubt offers many tempting comforts and conveniences, pleasures and pass times, openings and opportunities, and that is why people from the country-side are pouring into it in thousands.

In Certain cases, never cross your mind that City life is better than village life. However, there are so many advantages and disadvantages in city life and village life, also there is a big differ in the lifestyle with a little similarities. Disadvantages of city life 1. City Life • Living in a city is an idea about which people share differing opinions.

Some are attracted to the bright lights and hustle and bustle of city life, but it also comes with some disadvantages.

Essay about advantages and disadvantages of city life
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