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Another marketing challenge for the company is to compete with the airlines that created alliances. People also enjoy the comfort of the classic hotels after redeeming their points.

The alliances are giving the competitors the advantage of offering their customers better pricing and more locations. Retrieved January 10, from https: Their focus on numbers has resulted in tunnel vision and lack of customer focus. Exceptional employee proposals should be recognized at quarterly and staff meetings.

This support should also include the alignment of outer stakeholders to enable them in harmonizing both Business and Needs.

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This way the customers will have the opportunity to decide how much they want to spend and what service they want to get. Classic Airlines can always increase its revenues from additional fees such as charges for checked bags, priority seating and food and beverages on board. This mandate has been implemented with two major goals that include counteracting any additional financial crisis.

It focuses on achieving the broadest network of partners in the industry. Adopt a Customer Satisfaction Business Strategy: The rewards program could also focus more on redeeming points for cash or online purchases.

The company aspires to increase partners in the developed markets. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Conclusion The key to the Classic Airlines success is to classify the different customer segments and meet their needs while staying profitable.

These factors that Classic Airlines needs to consider include the need for a comprehensive CRM system, how to gain back its customers who have jumped ship, form an alliance agreement and strengthen its frequent flier programs. The nine-step problem solving method is defined as: Rewards can only be redeemed for companion tickets once every two years and pre-boarding passes require the redemption of reward miles rather than accompanying every rewards flight.

Members redeem the miles earned in their leisure travel more often. Classic Airlines has developed a reward program that shows the level status achieved by the customers. Customers are expected to buy eligible flight tickets from the classic Airlines.

Classic Airlines

Classic Airlines needs to improve its customer service through revising their segmentation strategy so as to realign with its customers. In addition to being the fifth largest airline company across the globe, Classic Airlines has a fleet of over three hundred and fifty jets that operate in approximately cities with over two thousand daily scheduled flights.

Currently, the firm is focused on developing the marketing alliance. After certain amount of points they can earn free trips. While the survey program should also incorporate all employees instead of the exiting ones only, it will reveal the necessary changes that need to be made especially in the corporate philosophy.

The CRM system has also obstructed a level of customer service. That is why that the good planed marketing strategy is critical to its success. The Marketing Products Marketing deals with identifying and meeting human and social needs. According to the marketing concepts, marketing focuses on discerning the needs of the customers, which provide significant satisfaction.

This search of multiple websites is a big disadvantage as compared to customers having a solitary point of information when shopping for flights. While the airline has attempted to discount fares with the aim of remaining competitive and enlisting new customers, the efforts have bore no fruit.

Retrieved January 14, from http: These primary issues that should be addressed by the leadership team are: Furthermore, a high turnover rate has led to an excessive recruitment and training costs. Moreover, members also earn extra points through spending in one of the six hotels and renting cars from one of their car rental firms.

Many companies dropped number of flights with the net result of raising passenger load factors and efficiency on remaining flightsraised prices, developed very large revenue streams from checked baggage fees and other charges, and kept very tight lid on all controllable expenses University of Phoenix Library, Another improvement would be to offer one complimentary upgrade to first class each year for silver members and three complimentary upgrades to first class each year for gold members.

Marketers are driven by the wants and needs of the customers in order to deliver services to the consumers. The firm also caters for the high fuel and equipment costs. The senior leadership and marketing teams of Classic Airlines are aware of the marketing problem that the company is facing are determined to find an amicable solution.

Employees should have a process to submit feedback directly to the executive management, either by email or through a face-to-face meeting. Introduction to the Travel Industry.

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Currently, Classical Airlines is involved in an alliance known as Tri-star alliance.Custom Classic Airline Essay Classic airline rewards its customers based on the miles earned through domestic or international flights.

Customers are expected to buy eligible flight tickets from the classic Airlines. Essay about Classic Airlines.

Classic Airlines Marketing Solution Introduction Classic Airlines is the fifth largest airline in the world. Despite achieving high profitability, there are a number of organizational issues facing the company.

Free Essay: Situation Analysis: Classic Airlines Classic Airlines has grown to an organization of 32, employees since starting operations.

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Last year the. View this essay on Classic Airlines Marketing Solution In Addition to. In addition to being the fifth largest airline company across the globe Classic Airlines. Classic Airlines Essays: OverClassic Airlines Essays, Classic Airlines Term Papers, Classic Airlines Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Classic Airlines and Marketing Essay Sample Classic Airlines is the fifth largest airline company in the world.

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Similarly to the competitors it is suffering from high fuel costs, resulting in lower profits.

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