Child labour and virtue ethics

Alleviating child labor seems to have Child labour and virtue ethics the company much longer than it should have as well. Low literacy rates further compound the problem. In comparison to other companies in the industry, Reebok has been strides ahead in their CSR strategy, and just needs to take that one step further to be able to claim themselves as a fully socially responsible company down to the nooks and crannies of their supply chain.

The child laborers are a huge stakeholder in this case. Federal laws provide uniform regulations, but state laws can vary wildly. Some of the virtues include courage, honesty, prudence, justice, and more Salazar What if the bag was made from child labour but my mother did not know this?

The children do not know this is a trick, and so fall into the trap since they are desperate for money. We recognise that some issues will take time to resolve.

When they find it, it is crucial to protect the interests of the children concerned. The children suffer as a result. Several decades of neoliberal economic globalization allowed global capital to flow easily across borders to gain larger profits through the use of low-waged developing countries.

Child Labor Law & Ethics

As we saw, taking an Aristotelian virtue ethics approach is one way to do so. Child labour A global scourge - but signs of progress Retailers and buying companies face huge challenges in tackling child labour. Duty is therefore a universal human experience. If one follows the rule-based deontological approach, consumers are advised to boycott products made by child labour because the exploitation of young people per se is wrong.

Established inReebok climbed its way to become the third-largest sportswear brand in the world by There are no labels for this on the candy bars, which is leaving out an important piece of information that may otherwise send the customer the other way.

The reasons for this include: If however, local minimum age law is set at 14 years of age in accordance with developing country exceptions under ILO Convention No.

A business in this sense should not be socially responsible; any money used in this way is technically stealing from the company. Transportation, Supervision and Rest Both federal and state laws are strict about transportation, rest periods and supervision for children working for your small business.

Department of Labor, n. Child labour is widespread throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, though there are also some 2.

Worldwide, an estimated million children aged under 15 work. Only the person who does his duty because it is his duty, is moral.

Deontology and consequentialism do not have the capacity to appreciate such love. A parent who acts responsibly toward his child because it is his duty to act responsibly toward his child, is moral. There is the deontological approach, which considers if an action is based on the right principles; and there is consequentialism, which looks at the best consequences, or outcomes, of an action.

Therefore, it is evident that Reebok had began to strategically position themselves as a socially conscious company, with motive to prove it. However, as came around, the company had not made significant changes in getting rid of child labor. If they want to be an ethical company, they need to make sure they follow through in all business aspects, even on where the cocoa comes from.

However, this does not mean a virtue ethics approach will continue to encourage the practice of child labour without further action.

Upon hearing about the use of illegal child labor in their cocoa chain, they tried to take a stand for what is right. It recognizes the merits of ethical consumption as well as the limits of it; it seeks to understand the cause of the issues from an institutional level as well the specific context; and it strives to investigate the best possible solution from a fundamental perspective.

ETI members are also making progress on helping make workplaces safer, encouraging suppliers to pay workers their statutory entitlements, and reducing the amount of excessive overtime people have to work.

The ILO and the ETI Base Code state that a child is any person younger than 18 years of age, and that 15 is the minimum age at which a child may be employed, unless local minimum age law stipulates a higher age for work or mandatory schooling, in which case the higher age shall apply.

The Sussex-based Institute of Development studies found that the incidence of employment of children and young workers at ETI member supply sites had decreased.

Under 16 The minimum age a child may work is generally They did not make much progress, and even when the deadline was extended tothey did not make much progress in either. The problem with this approach is that it assumes, contrary to the evidence, we are always able to do our duty.

In the study, Yu claims their factory in Taiwan has extremely long overtime working, occupational and healthy problems, arbitrary punishments and abuses imposed by management, difficulty in taking leave or resigning, and insufficient state protection and work union representation. It does not give carte blanche to exploitation and child endangerment.

After a documentary named Slavery:Child labour employment is an ethical practice to Child labour and virtue ethics extent, in 3rd world countries it is where child labour most likely to be seen because the economic status are relatively poor, some of the family barely manage to buy food, financially they cannot afford school fees.

Child Labour and Human Rights - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. A critical analysis into the subjective perception that child wage labour violates the human rights of the child labourer.5/5(1).

Child Labour And Virtue Ethics “Critically evaluate the view that ethics should be more concerned with who you are than what you do.”Virtue Ethics and the view that ethics should be wholly concerned with a person’s attributes based on the holistic theory of Aristotle and his Golden Mean, is a newly accepted theory, which looks at a person’s virtues and not their actions.

Nov 24,  · In terms of the honesty virtue, Nestlé was not completely honest in their promises to completely get rid of child labor in their chain by They did not make much progress, and even when the deadline was extended tothey did not make much progress in either.

Apr 19,  · However, before diving into the virtue ethics of the supply chain, we will first look at Reebok’s industry, The Corporate Social Responsibility movement, and and how Reebok became known for their human rights and labor rights policies.

Mar 28,  · A virtue ethics approach considers the complexity of ethical consumption, the causes of child labour and involves an appreciation of people as human beings with human characteristics.

It allows us to see that ethical consumption cannot be reduced to .

Child labour and virtue ethics
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