Can i write a book quiz

If your reward is the writing, though, even the long hours, the poor or nonexistent pay, and the anonymity will be no big deal.

The self-control of screening out all but emergency calls with an answering machine or looking for the name of the person calling on your cellphone before answering, and only answering calls from your can i write a book quiz people during work hours becomes the real-world, practical answer.

Your desk…maybe, in a crunch, at the kitchen table; B. In almost all cases, it takes a minimum of about two years from the time you start writing the book until the time it sees print. If you have to write the book and then sell it, you could be in for a very long haul.

You need to keep some tools with you all the time. I have bad news. I have friends and colleagues who do a book every two years or less.

What Genre of Fiction should You WRITE?

The occasional newspaper, magazines, and remember having read books. I usually do one or two. An extra 1O points for this one if you were on your honeymoon at the time ; C. No one is going to hold a ticker tape parade in your honor because you wrote a book, or even a bunch of books.

To be a career writer, you really ought to like to write. The name-on-the-books thing is big. The presence of that unstoppable—sometime unbearable—urge to put words on a page is a good sign that you have a chance of outlasting the early-career hard times.

Scoring the Quiz Give yourself 1 point for each A answer you gave, 3 points for each B answer, 6 points for each C answer, and 10 points for each D answer. And I never have enough time to do everything I want. On the toilet; D. Question 2 Answers—As long as you have no one depending on you, D is the ideal answer — but most of us live in a world where someone we love might, at some point, need us.

Same concept, better software.

What should I write my book about?

Walking into your living room and discovering the dust-covered skeleton that was your cat — or your spouse — can be really bad for morale. Question 8 Answers—If you think the main benefit of being a writer is money and fame, think again.

What Genre of Book Should You Write?

Question 6 Answers—I know the temptation to quit the day job. If you can stay writing long enough to learn your craft, and still be hungry for the next word after years of next words, you just might make it. And what a mistake it can be to give in to it.

Before the kids started school, it was a lot harder to find time. Since I worked 12 hour weekend nursing shifts and had older children, I at least had long blocks of time to write. Question 5 Answers—If you chose answer A for this question, sit down. I do work seven days a week most weeks.

What Type of Book Should You Write?

Creative control is great. Question 4 Answers—I come in with a solid C on this one: When I was getting started as a pro, they flexed from the minute the kids left for school in the morning until they got home in the afternoon, and then from 9 p. Add up your answers, then check out the short key below before going on to the discussion.

Question 3 Answers—This one depends on how much you want to hang onto your friends, but also on how often such invitations come. And maybe not even then. If you can learn to get your joy from that, you can be happy nearly every day.

Question 1 Answers—That empty room with nothing going on was not a hypothetical situation. Rule of thumb for the self-employed: Question 7 Answers—An idea for one book is a good start, but except in the rarest of cases, one book does not make a career. This is pretty much a make-or-break question: The electronic corollary to this is that you already own most of the ebooks on the internet, and have to write now just to have something new to read.

You should think very carefully before getting married, having children, or buying a pet, however. As for taking days off—you can take off any day you want. Where is the weirdest place you have ever written? So my quiz includes a question-by-question discussion.» Share quiz. Which Story Genre Should You Write?

QUIZ: Are You Right for Writing?

Musical Mirage. 1. Choose a plot that appeals to you the most from the following. A criminal gang is going around town stealing strange things. A team of detectives needs to find them and figure out what their motives are.

Spell Book, Wolf Companion, Talking Tree. Sword, Ninja, Hidden. Jul 23,  · Choose from 6 types of quizzes: standard, single question, % correct quiz, personality quiz, checklist quiz, or image checklist quiz. [13] A standard quiz has a single correct answer but the person taking the quiz has several options to choose from%(33).

If you've had a "EUREKA!" moment or simply love writing, then you should take this quiz.

What Genre Do You Write Best?

What genre would you be best at? (NOTE: If you don't like your result, just ignore it.) For 10 % you are: You should write an action book! Comics and graphic novels are your 4/5(16). Clearly and graphically accurate enough to make a visceral impact, but everything else can be somewhat vague.

Accurate enough to bring it to life without getting in the way of the story. It must be based on real facts, but they can be stretched to their limits. You can comment and tell me what you think the main character's name should be.

PLEASE COMMENT! Take this quiz! The best name foir a main character (all girls): When should this book take place? How old should the main. Quizzes. Create Quiz; Random Quiz; Polls; Surveys; What should I write my book about? by: Xx__xX. 8, Responses. Top quizzes: The Hunger Games Quiz!, The Spirit of Imagination, Guess the book, Twilight Saga Quiz, Guess The First Sentence, and Are you a true Diverge.

Can i write a book quiz
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