An analysis of my learning style education essay

Sometimes, if I do not feel that I am grasping something, I get frustrated, and tend to skip over that particular area. Even though the approaches may be different sometimes all environments are more ales the same. There is also the issue of overconfidence. In addition to being a tactile learner, I am a bottom-up learner.

I am a very detail-oriented individual who prefers to have a rock solid foundation built before I proceed to new challenges. I learn best when I have an outline in front of me with everything detailed in a logical and flowing order.

High quality and no plagiarism guarantee! How are learning styles defined and categorized, in general? I dwell on the smaller things instead of focusing on the bigger picture.

I am a self-motivated individual who always contributes to the overall group effort despite my shyness. During my undergraduate studies at Auburn University, I always studied in the morning. Many times I do not publicly participate, but work diligently behind the scenes.

Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Education work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours. It may be that I try to capitalize and focus too much on what I do well that I give up on issues that do not come to me as easily.

Fourthly, I will partner with someone that compliments my strengths. However, the studies done on the topic have been inconclusive and unable to be proven that such learning styles do exist. When I began employment and worked from 8am to 5pm, I always took any opportunity to learn new things in the morning.

I could not imagine learning the system without detailed procedures. But yet this does not refer to how people actually learn on the job? Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question.

Moreover, the conclusion was not only a recommendation as well as a push for researchers to do more, and take a more in-depth look into the research. However, I continuously, almost obsessively, think about the steps instead of mastering the skill quickly.

These procedures assist me and my fellow associates as we learn the various aspects of the system and claims processing. The conclusion of the journal was that doubt had been placed on alternative theories and test positive reactions from educational research on the literature management led to influence on the practice.

I tend to focus on my strengths while managing my weaknesses. When learning new things, I consciously think through the steps of the process.

Popkwitz analysis on the characteristics of learning styles: These students may also have knowledge and skills, personal objectives, and cognitive abilities, that most likely effected their success of achieving goals. I believe in receiving advice and input from others; however, no one knows my learning style better than I do, so I always try to listen to myself.

I have learned to capitalize on my rapid learning skills by realizing that when I am good at something I should mold it into my everyday learning activities.

Firstly, I will do most of my learning at my peak time, which is in the morning. Poell examined the concepts involved in learning styles within a job setting, secondly they defined what a learning style actually was, lastly discussing how this research can be implemented.

Essay UK - http: I am also a very motivated individual who learns very quickly.Personal Essay of Marie Moore The following is a personal essay about various topics about my college education and my learning styles.

This personal essay will include thoughts or reasons for seeking a college degree. Because of this assessment, I am now able to draw more intelligent conclusions about my particular learning style, strengths, opportunities for growth, and ways to improve upon my weaknesses. During my undergraduate studies at Auburn University, I.

It is achieved through frequent repetition of words and concepts in question until comprehension (Penn State, ).

The purpose of this paper is to analyze my personal learning style and to find a balance between the different surveys that. They review studies and concluded that they all consist of random students being divided into groups on the decisions of their learning styles, than each student is assigned a learning style to learn from, to conclude the study each student is given a test.

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they concluded in these studies that 'the instructional method that proves most effective for. Tools, such as learning styles, can guide the teachers to use a variety of teaching techniques based on the different learning styles of students. A learning style is used to point out styles of collecting, converting, interpreting, coordinating and thinking about information (Khanal et al, ).

Recognizing your learning style or styles can help you to learn how to reason and communicate more effectively with others. It may also help you to identify other ways to learn and/or teach others. Therefore, I have decided that analyzing my learning styles using Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences would be a great way to reflect upon my learning .

An analysis of my learning style education essay
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